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The state's Jewishness and 'two states for two peoples'

| Dec 04, 2014

In his attempt to promote the proposed "Jewish-nation law" that would constitutionally define Israel as a national state for the Jewish people, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu argued that it was entirely compatible with the "two states for two peoples" solution more...

Forging Jewish nationalism in the age of Arab sectarianisation

| Dec 02, 2014

There have been several initiatives in the Israeli Knesset over the past two decades to promote "the Jewishness" of the state of Israel - above the country's democratic credentials - as the primary criterion for legislative and political legitimacy more...

Who are the New Arabs? You. And us.

| Nov 07, 2014

A human being cannot be shaped or reshaped according to some physical or philosophical blueprint. All well-known historical efforts to "build the new human" have ended in disaster more...

Arab interference in the affairs of foreign intervention

| Sep 21, 2014

The Arab world has moved from a period of home-grown revolutions to an era again marked by foreign interventions and alignments, in the form of the renewed war on terror in our region more...

It’s futile to play the 'Islamic State' blame game

| Aug 06, 2014

The blame game is nothing new. One of the hallmarks of entrenched political disputes is that responsibility for universally abhorrent acts are attributed to one’s opponent more...

Heresies of statehood

| Oct 30, 2013

A commonly held piety has it that nations create states: that in the beginning there was nationalism, which gave rise to nationalist more...

Reflections on the Introduction of the Sixth Edition of Civil Society

| Nov 01, 2011

Civil Society was originally published in 1996, a time of vigorous debate regarding the relationship between civil society and democratic transformation more...

The Great Egyptian Revolution

| Feb 08, 2011

The Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions heralded a new Arab era in which it is possible to couple freedom and social rights, sovereignty and citizenship more...

Tunisia in the time of revolution and the speed of light

| Jan 30, 2011

A The revolution in Tunisia is progressing from one achievement to another. Obstacles flee in the face of the peaceful and unified grassroots movement more...

The great popular Tunisian revolution

| Jan 26, 2011

A phase in modern Arab history come to an end. The long final chapter was about the disappearance of even so much as a gloss of Arab ideology and the evolution of Arab regimes into virtual clones of one another more...

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