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End of the neocons

| Dec 28, 2007

There came a moment in 2006, impossible to pinpoint even to the month (certainly it occurred well before the one, only and everlasting more...

Madrid redux

| Nov 29, 2007

Bush's brilliant brainstorm to hold a meaningless, lustreless peace conference is like dry lightning, which brings not more...

Exercises in mendacity

| Nov 18, 2007

MUSHARRAF AND BHUTTO: Since coming to power through a military coup against Nawaz Sharif the Musharraf government has received $10 billion more...

US war insanity

| Nov 14, 2007

A Pentagon general returning to work today after 20 years of retirement would be in for a surprise. Two decades ago his country had just more...

A US Lebanese narrative

| Nov 03, 2007

Even if France were tempted to play guardian again for the Christians in Lebanon -- with the approval of the American empire more...

Getting your victims to love you

| Oct 25, 2007

If you want to understand the magnitude of the Palestinian tragedy and the depths of their dilemma take a look at the recent decree more...

Ignorant thieves

| Sep 22, 2007

If the US proceeds on the basis of the conviction that, after its failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, it needs to score a success in Lebanon by rolling more...

The one clear solution

| Sep 05, 2007

The world looks different from the southern tip of Africa. There, in that country that liberated itself from a colonialist apartheid more...

Israeli games again

| Sep 05, 2007

Once it had ascertained that the Palestinians were solidly split right down the middle, Israel reverted to its old ways. It dug into its all too familiar more...

Empty-hearted secularism

| Aug 02, 2007

Modern Turkey has never experienced as extended a period of stability and economic growth as it has under the last government more...

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