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On a Jewish and Democratic State

| Jan 26, 2011

On a Jewish and Democratic State In his speech at the Aqaba summit on 4 June 2003, Sharon called for the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. President George Bush echoed this demand in the same venue more...

The great popular Tunisian revolution

| Jan 26, 2011

A phase in modern Arab history come to an end. The long final chapter was about the disappearance of even so much as a gloss of Arab ideology and the evolution of Arab regimes into virtual clones of one another more...

A brief note on Jerusalem

| Apr 28, 2010

Historiography, when it claims to be scientific, seeks to refute myth through the search for its origins and functions. It simultaneously aims to replace more...

Possibilities of war: the Levant

| Mar 11, 2010

It has been demonstrated that the war on Gaza, as waged within the framework of the Egyptian and Israeli borders with the Strip, is unlikely to develop more...

An honourable exit

| Dec 16, 2009

Is there any way for the Palestinian Authority to escape its current predicament? Yes, says Azmi Bishara, but only if long bankrupt strategies more...

Elections under siege

| Nov 04, 2009

If the Palestinian resistance factions are to agree to the Egyptian-brokered reconciliation agreement, the Quartet (the US more...

Scandal in the raw

| Oct 21, 2009

Vaunting themselves as peers of Israel, Ramallah's leaders and their lackeys in Geneva are a disgrace to the Palestinian national more...

Loyalty to racism

| Jun 24, 2009

What is behind the latest wave of legislative proposals flooding the Knesset agenda? I refer specifically to those intended more...

From Cairo with love

| Jun 17, 2009

The US president has announced that he is going to address the Islamic world. Let's listen to what he has to say. The Arab media has heralded the event more...

The art of waiting

| Jun 02, 2009

Whether Oslo threw the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) project into crisis or whether a crisis in that project led to Oslo is the more...

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