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The Sisi leaks: A lesson for the revolution

| Mar 09, 2015

Abbas Kamil was the director of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's office when he was defence minister, and was promoted along with his boss - who is now the president of Egypt. And he is a treasure trove of information more...

Between destroying statues and destroying idols

| Mar 02, 2015

When you denounce a murder, and an angry chorus protests and asks: "What about the killing of this or that person, and what about the bombardment of innocents?" - know then that it would be pointless to recall your positions opposed to bombardment by aggressor or dictatorial states more...

The slaughter of innocents and the moral burden

| Feb 25, 2015

One does not need a fertile imagination to imagine the extent of misery that forces breadwinners to leave their country to try and eke out a living in far-away Libya - even in the dire circumstances currently prevailing there. Much harder to imagine, however, is what might motivate those who not only slaughtered them with such brutality more...

Yemen and the manufacture of sectarianism

| Jan 26, 2015

Yemen has in recent years provided a live practical demonstration of the maxim that political sectarianism is manufactured, rather than inherent. It is acquired rather than natural. Historically, Yemen was never party to the confessional conflicts between Sunni and Shia, to the extent that some considered the Zaidi tradition, which was indigenous to Yemen, shortly after it sprang up, as the Shia of the Sunni, or as the Sunni of the Shia more...

Conspiracy theories: Critique and mythology

| Jan 21, 2015

Political action, as with other types of human action, seeks to achieve a goal departing from an existing situation, including those which arise from the overlap of wills and the confluence of other human deeds and their effects more...

It's not about free speech, it's about murder

| Jan 14, 2015

The Arabs as a nation, and many Arabs as individuals, are victims of some of the most horrific crimes - in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere more...

Iran and the sick man of the Middle East

| Jan 09, 2015

The Islamic Republic of Iran succeeded in consolidating an existing nation-state, and in establishing a system of government with a modicum of political pluralism within the confines of a religious-confessional government presided over by a clergy more...

On the internalisation of slavery

| Jan 08, 2015

Slavery is a network of social relations, and not a state of mind. Nonetheless, repression alone is not enough to secure the endurance of the master-slave relationship, because it can never be absolute and total, except in death. Even in the most extreme cases more...

No happy ending for a failed love

| Dec 31, 2014

A number of important Arab countries were witness to mass popular mobilisations aimed at the overthrow of tyranny between 2011 and 2012.The calls for the overthrow of the regimes also communicated calls for freedom, dignity and social justice. Any mass mobilisation that begins outside of the confines of the ruling regime and aims to change it is by definition a revolution more...

PLO UN bid: deceiving reality, not changing it

| Dec 28, 2014

The PLO leadership fell into a trap when it tried to replicate the Egyptian approach of achieving a unilateral, negotiations-based peace accord with the Israelis. Unlike the Egyptians, the PLO was never speaking on behalf of a country which was seeking to renegotiate its borders more...

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