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How 'left wing' became a misnomer for 'right wing'

| Dec 13, 2015

How 'left wing' became a misnomer for 'right wing' The term "left-wing" and "right-wing" were first used to describe the attitudes of deputies in the Estates-General at the end of the French monarchy and then in the National more...

On displacement, migration and the wave of Europe-bound asylum-seekers

| Sep 08, 2015

On displacement, migration and the wave of Europe-bound asylum-seekers They were driven out from their home areas deliberately, following a policy of collective punishment, systematic bombardment and mass murder more...

Azmi Bishara: Exploring secularism

| Apr 25, 2015

Azmi Bishara presents himself in his introduction to the second part of Religion and Secularism in a Historical Context with the challenge of "saying something new" more...

Iran's nuclear deal 3: How will Arab states react?

| Apr 21, 2015

With the Arab peoples rising up in 2011, the region saw different kinds of reactions to Iranian expansion. One of the important factors that exposed the Arab popular more...

Iran's nuclear deal 2: A gift to Iran's moderates?

| Apr 20, 2015

Iranian reformists and US liberals celebrated the agreement in Lausanne, despite its ambiguity. They wanted to prepare public opinion and push for a final agreemen more...

Iran's nuclear deal 1: Arabs mustn't become collateral damage

| Apr 19, 2015

We may consider the framework agreement concluded between Iran and the major powers (the five plus one - P5+1) to be the culmination of a process of historical regional and international transformation. more...

Israelis don't vote for the sake of the Arabs

| Mar 27, 2015

It has been proven, once again, that the Israeli right commands a political (and even social) majority. This is an established fact that has not changed since 1977 more...

Yemen: Peace deal now or full civil war

| Mar 18, 2015

Yemen and Libya are both large countries where the nation-state is fragile but popular, and local structures are robust. In a civil war, the nation-state is susceptible to fragmentation, but local social structures can endure and even thrive. Both Yemen and Libya are on the verge of full-scale civil war. My previous article tackled the situation in Libya more...

Libya: Peace deal now or full-scale civil war

| Mar 17, 2015

A fork in the road presents itself here: one path, governed by both fear and reason, would lead to a change of course and a turn back towards a settlement before war becomes inescapable more...

Palestinians, terrorism... and Facebook

| Mar 10, 2015

The Palestine cause is an Arab cause. The Palestinians can never triumph without their Arab depth. While this premise is true, it sounds antiquated these days. The Arabs themselves - in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen - have an even greater need to dig into this depth to find an Arab identity through which they can counter their present fragmentation. more...

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