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Apocalyptic visions

| Dec 17, 2002

Typically, the media asked the wrong questions about Jerry Falwell and his recent racist remarks about Islam and the Prophet Mohamed more...

A staring contest

| Oct 16, 2002

At a sizable demonstration recently held in London to protest against a war on Iraq, the Palestinian flag stood out amidst the more...

Beyond belief

| Jul 16, 2002

The prevailing Palestinian political culture is in an unprecedented state of decay, the most significant manifestations more...

Tales of apartheid

| Jun 12, 2002

The UN Security Council resolution of April 2002, calling on Israel to withdraw from Palestinian towns, was redundant more...

A strange case of casting

| Apr 25, 2002

t the very moment the Arab masses were being transformed into a collective movement, taking to the streets in order to exercise more...

Killing off the extras

| Dec 27, 2001

It is such fun to watch a plane drop an eight-ton bomb in a Hollywood action movie. But the inhabitants of Madu, a tiny village huddled more...

Mythical transformations

| Oct 31, 2001

The assassination of Rehavam Zeevi is the first Palestinian killing of an Israeli political figure in the history of the Arab-Israeli more...

When narratives collide

| Sep 19, 2001

The Japanese used kamikaze pilots against the allied fleet from 1 October 1944 to the end of World War I. Kamikaze more...

Calling a spade a spade

| Sep 12, 2001

The state of Israel was established as a settler- colonial project that was sponsored by different colonial powers for different more...

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