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A restructured PLO

| Jun 21, 2007

The US and its Western followers revealed what democratisation of the Arab world actually means to them when they rejected the results more...

Headlong to More of the Same

| May 26, 2007

In The Washington Post of 10 October, Harold Meyerson observes that if the erosion of individual rights in the US as a result of Bush's war more...

Why Israel is after me?

| May 03, 2007

I am a Palestinian from Nazareth, a citizen of Israel and was, until last month, a member of the Israeli parliament more...

Shattered illusions

| Apr 19, 2007

No amount of overstatement does justice to the significance of the fall of Baghdad. Yet stunned gasps at how easily the regime was toppled more...

Bigots and history

| Apr 18, 2007

The seventh annual Herzliya Conference, held in the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Centre, featured a rarefied blend of neo-conservatives more...

Back to square one

| Apr 05, 2007

From the moment the Palestinian struggle was referred to as the Arabs' first cause, one of liberation and return, of a nation usurped more...

Initiative versus principle

| Mar 29, 2007

According to the US and Israeli foreign ministers, the Arab peace initiative is a non-binding Arab position for which the Arabs deserve more...

Olmert: as expected

| Mar 22, 2007

Some Arabs found encouragement in Olmert's statements to the effect that if the Arab peace initiative were slightly modified more...

Return to Arab Survival

| Mar 03, 2007

Will the deception of historical progression -- or the irony of fate -- manifest itself in this region with the collapse of Arab nationalism more...

In place of appeasement

| Feb 21, 2007

For a people either rootless or under occupation, the Palestinians have made more than their share of diplomatic initiatives more...

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