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Why did this round of democratic transition fail?

| Oct 21, 2016

Dr Azmi Bishara, in his keynote speech at the Arab Center's first annual conference in Washington, offers a thorough diagnosis of the Arab Spring and US policy under Obama. ...more

The Palestinian national project: History and the present crisis

| Nov 19, 2015

After 1948, the Palestinian national project diverged from the policies of Arab states, at least with regard to the conflict with Israel. ...more

Russia-Turkey Syria standoff is just symptom of wider crisis

| Sep 11, 2015

Russia is no longer content with its role as a major regional power. Now, it wants to restore its erstwhile role as a global superpower, yet without having the economic wherewithal to do so ...more

The Palestinian National Movement: Impasse and Future Horizons

| Dec 30, 2013

When writing on the Palestinian cause, researchers find themselves torn between their national and humanitarian duty, on the one hand, and the need to adopt a relative standard of objectivity when interpreting ...more

The ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ and the Predicament of Democratic Culture”: Azmi Bishara’s opening address at the 2nd Annual Conference on “Islamists and Democratic Governance”

| Sep 28, 2013

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies held its Second Annual Conference on “Islamic Political Movements and Democratic Governance” in Doha ...more

Opening Remarks at the Center's Conference on the Invasion of Iraq by Dr Azmi Bishara: "Ten Years which Changed the World"

| Apr 11, 2013

We have every right to view the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq during 2003, which came on the heels of a decade-old punitive blockade ...more

Conference on the Invasion of Iraq opens with Eyewitness Accounts, Dr. Azmi Bishara: The invasion of Iraq was "single biggest setback" to the progress of democracy

| Apr 10, 2013

Dr. Azmi Bishara, General Director of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, gave the opening remarks at the Center's conference commemorating ...more

Dr. Bishara's speech at the Seventh Al Jazeera Forum

| Mar 20, 2013

The very title of this symposium gives the impression that all countries within the Arab world are going through a transition. In other words ...more

Palestinian Membership at the United Nations: All Outcomes are Possible

| Sep 11, 2011

The General Director of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS), Dr Azmi Bishara predicted, at a conference held on September 10, 2011 ...more

ACRPS Director delivers opening speech at "Turkey and the Arabs" Symposium

| May 19, 2011

Dr. Azmi Bishara, general director of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha, opened a symposium titled "The Arabs and Turkey ...more

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