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The Israeli Assault on Gaza: Another International Test Failed by the Obama Administration

| Aug 19, 2014

At the start of Israel’s July 2014 offensive on the Gaza Strip the Obama Administration announced its support for “Israel’s right to defend itself.” At the same time ...more

How the Kurdish Regional Government is Adapting to New Realities

| Aug 13, 2014

thin Iraq’s rapidly changing political landscape, the country’s Kurdish region has perhaps made the most significant strategic gains of recent instability. With an already comple ...more

Operation Protective Edge: Israel’s July 2014 Assault on Gaza

| Jul 14, 2014

The latest escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict came in the form of an all-out Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip. Exploiting the killing of three settlers in the West Bank’s Hebron region ...more

Captured Settlers: Implications for Palestine and Israel

| Jul 02, 2014

Tensions are running high in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict following the capture of three conscript settlers in the Hebron region of the occupied West Bank on June 12 ...more

The US Stance on the Palestinian Unity Government

| Jun 20, 2014

nApril 23, the two Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas announced the formation of a national unity government, putting an end to seven years of division between the West Bank ...more

Crisis in Iraq: Is It al-Maliki’s Policies and Miscalculations or Is It ISIS?

| Jun 19, 2014

A number of interpretations have arisen in response to the rapid collapse of the Iraqi military and police in Mosul and their refusal to fight. These include a conspiratorial reading ...more

Fears of Libya Slipping into Full-Scale Civil War

| Jun 11, 2014

May 16, after the failure of his first attempted “TV coup” in February 2014, retired Major General Khalifa Haftar made a second, more resolute attempt at overthrowing the General National Congress and seizing power ...more

Al-Maliki’s Government: A Trusted Proxy for Washington or Tehran?

| Jun 02, 2014

The US has announced its intention to sell weapons to Iraq worth one billion US dollars. The deal includes modern fighter jets, unmanned surveillance drones, air-to-surface missiles ...more

US Drone Attacks: A New War on the Muslim World?

| May 10, 2014

On April 19 and 20, American drones launched a series of strikes against the central and southern Yemeni provinces of Abyan, Shabwah, and al-Bayda, targeting elements from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) ...more

Lebanon: The Presidential Vacuum Awaiting Regional and International Agreements

| May 09, 2014

Following the failure of two sessions of the Lebanese parliament to agree on a new president on April 23 and April 30, there are heightened fears among the Lebanese that the presidency will remain vacant ...more

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