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The Syrian crisis: military intensification and futile negotiations

| Aug 25, 2015

Following intense diplomatic machinations over the past few weeks, the parties to the Syrian conflict are now back at square one. All sides have returned to their original positions ...more

Iraq Protests: From Petitioning for Change to Internal Power Struggle in the Regime

| Aug 22, 2015

Since the middle of July, 2015 Iraq has been witness to a series of largely demand-driven, sectorial popular protests. These are the latest wave in a series which began in mid-2009 ...more

The Israeli Position on the Iranian Nuclear Deal

| Jul 30, 2015

Israel has considered the Iranian nuclear program to be an issue of the utmost gravity since the revelation of some of its more secretive aspects in 2002 ...more

The Iranian Nuclear Program: a Final Agreement

| Jul 16, 2015

After 21 months of strenuous deliberations since the approval of a Joint Plan of Action in Geneva in November 2013, including several last-minute deadline extensions ...more

On the Proposed “Truce” between Hamas and Israel

| Jul 12, 2015

There has been a spate of recent reports concerning Israeli-approved contacts between international envoys and officials from Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement ...more

Palestine should not be collateral damage of Iran deal

| Apr 22, 2015

An important question has yet to be answered. Will Arabs and especially Palestinians be the biggest losers in the game being played between Iran, the White House, Capitol Hill and Israel? ...more

Emir’s Washington Visit Highlights the Independence of Qatari Foreign Policy

| Mar 03, 2015

On his first visit to the United States following his accession to the throne in June 2013, Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani was received at the White House on February 25, 2015 ...more

Is the Supply and Demand Equation No Longer Able to Explain the Current State of the Oil Market?

| Feb 12, 2015

Oil prices have continued to fall this year, with a barrel of West Texas crude dropping below 50 dollars in early January. Some of the market analysis has been close to guesswork ...more

US Options in Yemen Following the Houthis’ Take-Over

| Feb 08, 2015

The Houthis’ seizure of Yemen’s Presidential Palace on January 20, and the subsequent resignation of the government of President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi ...more

Farouk Al Sharaa Speaks: the ACRPS Publishes Memoir of Former Vice President and Foreign Minister of Syria

| Feb 01, 2015

Farouk Al Sharaa Speaks: the ACRPS Publishes Memoir of Former Vice President and Foreign Minister of Syria The ACRPS will become the first institution to publish a Syrian insider’s account of the failed peace talks with Israel, as well as a valuable memoir by a man who was at the forefront of Syrian decision making for decades. This, indeed ...more

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