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WILLIAM A. COOK: Israeli Democracy, Fact or Fiction?

| Jan 15, 2003

Israel's bulldozing of 62 shops in the village of Nazkt Issa, north of Tulkarem next to the West Bank line with Israel on Tuesday and its refusal to allow  ...more

Nyier Abdou: Facing down the hounds

| Jan 15, 2003

Azmi Bishara is good at being first. The first Arab to run for the Israeli premiership in 1999 -- and arguably the most prominent Arab-Israeli citizen -- Bishara has been ...more

A Decision That Hurts Israeli Democracy

| Jan 06, 2003

BEERSHEBA, Israel— Even amid conflict, Israelis have always applauded themselves for allowing anyone to run for office -- including those who reject the very raison d'être of a Jewish state ...more

My brother's fight for democracy

| Dec 31, 2002

Since Israel's attorney-general recommended that the Arab-Israeli MP Azmi Bishara and his party be banned from running in the forthcoming elections ...more

Where is the democracy here?

| Dec 27, 2002

The Legal Advisor to the government has asked the Central Elections Committee to bar the Balad list and MK Azmi Bashara from standing in the forthcoming ...more

Suzanne Goldenberg: Hated and feted

| Mar 23, 2002

Israel's most prominent Arab citizen is spluttering into his cellphone in rapid-fire Hebrew, oblivious to his cooling coffee ...more

An ominous prelude

| Feb 28, 2002

Crowds of several hundred supporters of prominent Palestinian member of the Israeli Kenesset, Azmi Bishara, converged on the square outside the court ...more

Richard Falk: Azmi Bishara, the Right of Resistance and the Palestinian Ordeal

| Feb 19, 2002

The unprecedented revocation on 7 November 2001 of Dr. Azmi Bishara's immunity as a member of the Israeli Knesset opened the way for his criminal indictment on charges ...more

The Case of Azmi Bishara.. Political Immunity and Freedom in Israel

| Jan 09, 2002

Two months ago, Israel's attorney general Elyakim Rubinstein formally accused Azmi Bishara, a prominent Arab-Palestinian member of the Knesset ...more

Graham Usher: Expanding the realm of resistance

| Jun 24, 2001

The furore whipped up in Israel by Azmi Bishara's speech in Syria was caused less by what was said than by where, to whom and when it was said. Graham Usher reports from Jerusalem

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