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Azmi Bishara: Exploring secularism

| Apr 25, 2015

Azmi Bishara presents himself in his introduction to the second part of Religion and Secularism in a Historical Context with the challenge of "saying something new" ...more

On Justice in the Current Arab Context

| Sep 25, 2013

On Justice in the Current Arab Context This paper explores the deep-rooted, transcultural history of justice and fairness, which has fluctuated and evolved into the contemporary concept of justice, which is linked to citizenship ...more

Iran's nuclear deal 3: How will Arab states react?

| Apr 21, 2015

With the Arab peoples rising up in 2011, the region saw different kinds of reactions to Iranian expansion. One of the important factors that exposed the Arab popular ...more


Azmi Bishara in a speech for “Hadeeth Al Thwara” about the Iranian nuclear agreement

2b49dd85-605e-4755-94b7-e95b360cbfd3 Dr. Azmi Bishara, an Arab thinker while hosted in " Hadeeth Al Thawra" program on Al Jazeera television is talking about the Iranian nuclear agreement and its importance and ramifications on the Arab countries and international relations.

Azmi Bishara in a special interview in "Al-Arabi AlJadeed (1)

d87e2a49-b107-4ce8-b8f8-be7dc7c7ad9d Al-Araby Al-Jadeed channel is hosting the Arab intellectual Dr.Azmi Bishara in an interview discussing the most prominent interlocutor situations in Syria, Yemen and the path of the recent events on the Arab Arena

Azmi Bishara in a special interview in "Al-Arabi AlJadeed (2)

c8269dc3-8ade-44bd-99c5-34a1f85cd0c9 The second part of the special interview with the Arabian intellectual Dr. Azmi Bshara with Al-Araby Aljadeed channel focused on the Egyptian concern and its relation with the Arabians, Israel and the western countries, in addition to the Saudi concerns, and the changes in the relations and the Arabian alliances lately.

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The ACRPS Publishes Second Edition of Ostour

| Jul 20, 2015

The second edition of Ostour, a semi-annual journal devoted to the academic study of history, was published by the ACRPS in July, 2015. This second edition carries a host of selected ...more

Elections and the Path to Democracy: Lessons from and for the Arab Spring

| Mar 09, 2015

Since 2011, the Arab world has witnessed successive waves of popular revolts aimed at toppling entrenched tyrannical regimes. While the experiences of individual countries vary ...more

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